About me

I am a mother of three beautiful children.

I studied at the medical school in Tübingen Germany and I have the licence to treat but work as a lecturer at a CRO in Tübingen on EU regulations for medical research and the German Arzneimittelgesetz.

In my youth I wanted to become a teacher and in a way I reached my goal.

This is probably mainly my "left" brain.

I also need the creativity of my other self. I love to engrave because it calms me down and takes my thoughts of troublesome issues.

I have written some poems and I am working on a few childrens books and on one book about the time my mother died.

These try outs are my way to sort my thoughts and get things straight.

Peek in if you are interested.

I did't want to post a picture of myself.

This picture still tells a lot about me:

My garden