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  1. Meine Oma Barbie ist kaputt
  2. Das Schmetterlingskind
  3. Hexe Gerda kommt
  4. Das Jahr mit Hexe Gerda
  5. The red bandana
  6. Broken Dreams Now Beautiful

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Aus : Meine Oma Barbie ist kaputt

From The red Bandana

My Dad used to say that he could fix anything with enough duct tape, baling wire and a red bandana. I can attest the usefulness of all three, but the only one I carry with me everywhere is the red bandana. In fact, I still have the very ones he used to carry. I use mine for cleaning my glasses, to wipe up a spill, for a picnic plate place mat, or to sit on a log if wearing a nice pair of khakis. I am usually sorry if I wander about without one. You never know when you will need a quick bandage, a sling, an eye patch or tourniquet. A bandana is great to have if you happen upon a berry patch without a basket. It is even possible to dry stuff off with one if you forgot to take a towel to the beach. And there is nothing better on a very hot day than a wet bandana tied around your neck.


(This text was given by an unknown author)